The Current Financial Crisis

The current financial crisis has been coming for a long time, but it’s just over the past few weeks that the media seems to have noticed, and boy, everyone’s noticing now that the stock market has plunged. It’s scary to contemplate the future in light of what we’re finally seeing in the news.

Christians know that God will look out for them, but also that they need to follow His guidance about money and how to handle it. As homeschooling parents, we have ample time and opportunity to share those precepts with our children.

But what we teach is not nearly as compelling to them as how (or whether) we walk our talk. Recently columnist Cal Thomas wrote about how we are to look at money:

Throughout Scripture, people are warned that money is a false G-d that leads to destruction. Wealth is best used when it becomes a river, not a reservoir; when it blesses and encourages others and does not solely feed one’s personal empire.

It’s easy to point to the greedy people who are responsible for the economic troubles our country now faces. But, are we living within our own means? Are we giving to our church, to other areas of need, and to those who need our help? We can talk ourselves blue in the face about how God wants us to handle the money He has given us, but our kids won’t really hear that talk unless it’s accompanied by action.

4 thoughts on “The Current Financial Crisis

  1. I think that many, MANY people live waaay beyond their means, thinking that they “need” this and that. Our goal is to be debt free as soon as possible, and budgeting is the way to get there! I LOVE my budget. It helps so much!

  2. Thecurrent financial problems across the country has inspired my hsuband and I to rethink our financial situation also. We realize that we have been feeding into the giant machine thinking that having such and such would be fun. Although we aren’t crazy, we do have some things that we really don’t need (like this great laptop I am using). We have reset our budget to not include these extras. So far, so good.

  3. I have one credit card to pay off I think. I am hoping the cc company will waive some fees. Other then that we have the mortgage & a home equity loan. Dh informed me that where he works they got a big account and will be putting over time in. I already figured what we need for our bills so I am hoping to tuck the extra $$ away.

  4. Janet, I agree. And you will not believe the peace you will have once you are debt free!

    Mel, it’s hard, isn’t it? There are so many cool gadgets out there. Thanks for stopping by!

    Barbaralee, that’s great about your husband’s job. I don’t know anyone with overtime these days, so you are really blessed. 🙂

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