Interesting Websites for Homeschooled Teens

One of the joys of homeschooling is watching your kids take the initiative in learning new things. Here are a few fun and interesting sites where homeschooled teens can learn something new: keeps track of all the latest phrases entering our collective vocabularies. Those who love words will appreciate new words and phrases such as brickor mortis (slow housing market), adorkable (adorably dorky) and e-fence (the online sales of stolen items), along with others already in regular use such as bridezilla and McMansion.

The ultimate how-to site, Instructables is the place to go to learn to make anything from realistic, reusable latex wounds (just in time for Halloween—ugh!) to a solar thermal water heater for less than $5 (great science project!)

For those who are into the works of Shakespeare, the Shakespeare Insultor will keep you humble.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Websites for Homeschooled Teens

  1. I am NOT showing my children the Shakespearean Insult thingey. They would eat that up! 🙂

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