Obviously Demented Woman Calls Homeschooled Kids Demented


My old dentist was a pretty modern kind of guy. Along with all the latest high-tech dental equipment, he had televisions in every examining room. Unfortunately, my most traumatic dental experience occurred in one of those rooms, when I was held hostage with a mold full of goo clamped to my jaw (the mold for my new crown was being prepared) so that I was unable to beg, “Have a heart…Please change the channel!” while on the tv screen, four unbelievably dim women blathered endlessly. That was the one and only time I ever watched “The View”…..until today.

Apparently, one of the show’s resident windbags spewed off yesterday, calling homeschooled kids “demented.” I had to watch the clip before sharing it to make sure I had the right clip. I hope you appreciate my sacrifice in doing so. It was every bit as painful as watching it from the dentist’s chair.

(Scoot the time up to about 5:30 to catch the beginning of the rant.)

(Hat tips: Extraordinarily Ordinary, The Homeschool Lounge)

6 thoughts on “Obviously Demented Woman Calls Homeschooled Kids Demented

  1. Except for the blond one. SHe’s the voice of reason, obviously. But three against one isn’t very fair.

  2. Amazing how ‘important people’ should have school choice to provide their children a quality education and keep their kids safe, but the ‘little people’ should just suck it up and put their kids in public school. IMO these women were just making excuses for the Obamas, because EVERY parent should be able to choose where and in what manner their children should be educated. Those in gov’t use their power to choose for their children, and it is the height of hypocrisy if they try to deny that to the rest of the nation.

    Joy Behar has never been funny- IMO you have to be intelligent to be truly witty, and she’s about as smart as a box of dog hair. I don’t know how she got that gig.

  3. Janet……harpies, lol. And yes, the blond was trying to talk sense but she was out-shouted, for sure.

    Jenny, I don’t know how she can stay on that show. I can barely stand the clip!

    Sunniemom, you are so right. They put their kids in private schools but deny others the same opportunity by voting against tax credits and vouchers. As for that woman being “as smart as a box of dog hair,” LOL!

    BarbaraLee, it’s amazing, isn’t it?

    Thanks, everyone, for stopping by.

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