His Mom is an Angel

I was pretty fortunate. I fell in love with my son from the time I learned he had been conceived, and when I found out (eighteen hours after his birth) that he had Down syndrome, I loved him even more. But it doesn’t work that way for everyone.

One mom I knew felt she couldn’t cope with raising a child with Ds, and wanted to give her new baby up for adoption. But her husband refused, saying there was no way he was giving up his first son (there were already two daughters). That family has thrived since then, more than ten years ago….Mom just had a case of fear of the unknown, I think.

But then there is this gal, who blames a lack of support from her family and friends for her reluctance to raise her baby with Down syndrome. But as I’ve written before, God looks out for his precious ones. In this case, He sent an angel named Alex Bell.

I love this true story. You will too 🙂

3 thoughts on “His Mom is an Angel

  1. You’re right, I did love that story. God has a plan for everyone, isn’t it amazing how he puts just the right child in just the right family? I am saddened by how little support the birth mom had, though. She obviously loves her son very much.

  2. Janet, I felt like she was putting the blame everywhere but herself in some ways, but I think she regrets her decision and I’m glad she spends time with him now.

    Pam, I agree 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

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