Consider Yourself Warned (Again), Homeschoolers

We spent most of our homeschooling years in Illinois. If they offered virtual schools there (state-sponsored school work kids do at home), they were too busy raiding the teachers’ pension fund to take the time to let us know about it. But here in Wisconsin, we regularly receive mail from virtual schools.

Virtual schools are not homeschooling, no matter what they tell you in the ads. If you don’t believe me, read this excellent post by a homeschooling mom of 14 (#15 is on the way) who has seen what happens to families who fall for the freebies offered by virtual schools.

BTW, many long-time homeschoolers (the Kasemans were among the first) warned everyone about this. But it’s worth repeating for those who are new to homeschooling, or might be considering it.

6 thoughts on “Consider Yourself Warned (Again), Homeschoolers

  1. Wow, very interesting! My sister started her kids through that here in WI. She liked it (they were very young), but she didn’t appreciate the deadlines and lack of creativity and freedom she could bring in. Who couldn’t use a freebie, but I’ll definitely pass on this one! 🙂

  2. What happened to the freedom “to make their own decisions, with God’s direction”, though? There’s a difference between reminding people that online schools are not homeschooling, and labeling them all as evil, powermongers who are bent on taking your kids away from you, as this woman does. She is basically saying that homeschooling is the only way and everyone can do it, and that’s just not true. As someone who has a child enrolled in virtual school, I was horribly offended by that post.

  3. Pam, moms (like your sister) who see the need for creativity and freedom in home education are usually quite successful at homeschooling on their own.

    Barb the EG, the post writer is not accusing virtual schools of wanting to take our children away from us. The slavery she refers to is the slavery of sticking to the virtual school schedule, and not having the freedom to let children proceed at their own speed. This is one of the biggest negatives of virtual school, exceeded only, IMHO, by the fact that virtual schools can dictate what you teach, specifically in the area of religion. It is for this reason that many schools and colleges, including Christian Liberty Academy in IL, Hillsdale College in MI, and College of the Ozarks in MO, refuse all federal funding. As my dad always says, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

  4. She does say there are “those who desire power over our population.” Since she is talking about public schools I can only presume she thinks they are seeking power through indoctrination of our children. Especially since she also posits that we could pass on our Judeo-Christian values if the schools weren’t butting in.

    I thought homeschooling was about each family making a decision about what was best for their kids, so I don’t understand why a family can’t choose non-homeschooling if it is best for their own children. I especially don’t like how she ties in her particular philosophy of homeschooling with God. Maybe I’m especially touchy about this because we have chosen an online school for our daughter. But nobody but us knows what’s best for our kids. I don’t appreciate someone denigrating a perfectly legitimate choice.

  5. Barb, the EG

    Quite being so uptight!! If an online school is best for your daughter then do it. Do what is best for your family. People are free, at least so far, to educate our children how we wish in this country. I really feel that homeschoolers can be so touchy about how each of us homeschools. Barb, the EG is definately one of these “touchy” people. I live in a state that has a HSAP or homeschool assistance program and many people in my homeschool group don’t believe in them. That is fine with me. After participating for two years I have found that the academics is no different then the public schools and I only let me kids do the spanish and PE classes. I am thankful to be living in this great nation so that I can educate my children as I feel best.

  6. I love the way you share other wonderful posts on your blog (wonderful and informative). I am curious about non government related programs. I am thinking of checking into those for high school. What are your thoughts/information in that area?

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