The Cost of Homeschooling vs. the Cost of Public Schools

I wonder if the average citizen really understands just how cost-efficient homeschooling is?

Back when I was homeschooling all four of my kids, the most I ever spent in a year for “school” was probably $1500, and that was when my two older kids took high school by correspondence.

That was a while back, but I have a hard time imagining someone today even spending $1000 per child to homeschool them. The thing is, educating a child costs far more in time than in resources, and we moms don’t invoice for that time.

As for resources, a Bible, a public library and some good museums are really all you need. The rest is gravy.

And there’s plenty of gravy in the public schools. Get a load of this, from today’s Wall Street Journal:

The state now spends roughly $13,000 per public-school student in Chicago, but the money has done little to reverse a dismal high school graduation rate of 51%.

Holy cow! For $13K annually per child, most homeschool parents could homeschool their children through graduation, and pay off the mortgage early with the money left over.

7 thoughts on “The Cost of Homeschooling vs. the Cost of Public Schools

  1. I really enjoy my kids in public school. I enjoy teaching them. But the allotment of funds has a lot to be desired. What’s crazy to think about is that this $13K doesn’t go to the child directly (like in a homeschool situation). It goes towards salaries (but not the teachers…the lowest paid people in the school, I believe). It goes towards buildings and bills (oh my).

    What I wouldn’t give to be a super for the day…

  2. Oh, you have to tell the gov’t to give US that money. Oh, my mortgage, our adoption expenses….how lovely it would be! 🙂

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  4. Iva, I’ve always thought they should take all the education funds and divvy them between the school administration (those actually working in the school building) and the teachers, for salaries, building maintenance and supplies. Can you imagine? (Sorry, bigshots in the district buildings, nothing for you guys!) LOL

    Amy, tuitions are still going up but that should cover it.

    Janet, I’m sure you’d put it to good use.

    Tori, thanks!

    TF, you could do field trips every week.

    Thanks, all!

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