Once in a While, Some Good News is Reported

My blood pressure has surely gone up lately from reading about all the ridiculous things going on in our government. My husband even threatened to take away the Internet because I was getting so irritable reading about how our taxes are going up bailing out all sorts of stupid behavior while our freedoms are being eroded.

But then I read this story, about the smart trick a caring fireman used to rescue a frightened autistic boy who escaped his first day of school by climbing out of a third-story window and refusing to come in off the ledge. Best thing I’ve read in weeks! And the photo of the boy and his rescuer is awesome.

2 thoughts on “Once in a While, Some Good News is Reported

  1. Oh, how sweet. I loved it. I, however, would be TERRIFIED if my kid was out on a ledge. Shudder. I’m so glad the little sweetheart is SAFE!

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