It All Started with a Check

I’m still going through stuff from the storage unit, and am embarrassed to admit that I have boxes and boxes of bank statements with cancelled checks dating from the year we got married. Considering that we’ll be celebrating our 30th anniversary this summer, that’s a lot of checks!

My defense is that I was too busy raising kids to go through all this financial detritus sooner. Whatever. The fact is that I have to go through this stuff and shred the checks because our SSNs and credit cards numbers are all over them.

Yes, it’s time-consuming. But I’m determined to get rid of all this before we move again (which may happen this summer, but that’s another story).

One good thing about doing this is that it’s like a walk down memory lane. I’ll find a check for the ob-gyn from when I was pregnant with one of our children, or the big check we wrote for the down payment when we bought our first house, and it’s like reliving those wonderful times.

Today I found a check that really got me thinking about how we can do something very little or ordinary without knowing that the repercussions of that action will be enormous in our lives. Here are the details from that check:

Date: 3/1/84

Amount: $25.00

Pay to the order of: Moore Seminars

Memo: Homeschool Seminar – Wheaton

Who knew that my curiosity about homeschooling would still be affecting our lives 25 years later?

12 thoughts on “It All Started with a Check

  1. I love the way you tell a story! How are things up your way? Is it still cold? I’ve not peeked in on the camera in a long time. I’ll go do that now.

  2. Oh Barbara! Please tell me you saved some of those biggies? Even if you have to black out the pertinent information, those checks are priceless (if not a bit unconventional – but hey, you live for that, right?)

  3. that is really cool!

    I am in the process of going through our basement and it is fun to see all the things I am finding down there. There are so many classic novels and great educational books that I am putting on our homeschooling shelf to include in Princess Belle’s education.

  4. I imagine I’ve got similar check info hanging around when I shouldn’t. How funny, huh? *sigh* There’s only so much time in the day and we really DO have to complete the most important things in that given time. hmm… blogging… well, that’s my way of staying sane. It certainly wouldn’t help ANYone if I wasn’t at least mostly together!

    If you’re interested… I’ve included you in an award pass-along. If not, that’s totally cool. But I love your blog, so I had to include you!

  5. Thanks, Kristy! We’re all fine. It’s actually warm (50s) here today…lovely weather. Hope you and your family are all ok.

    Yes, Iva, I’ve saved the biggies. I’m diminishing my packrat tendencies, not erasing them 😉

    TC, your daughter is so fortunate that you have so many goodies waiting for her! Thanks for stopping by.

    Tori, the kids have always come before the housekeeping, which is why I now play catch-up. And aren’t you sweet re: the award….Thanks!

  6. I love your blog and love this post….So glad that I stopped in. Hope you will visit me and meet Parker and Jack.

  7. Barbaralee, I’m guilty as charged!

    Teresa, thanks for your kind words. Thanks for the invitation. Parker and Jack are so cute!

  8. Hello Ms. Frank…

    I was wondering if you’ve ever taught speech classes in Maryland public schools ~ some 30 years ago? Btw, you have a really nice blog site and it was a pleasure finding it.


  9. I really need to go through our records and shred the stuff we no longer need to keep. Before I had kids, I used to do that twice per year but I can’t remember the last time I did it. I’m guessing it was probably back in 2003 before a move.

  10. I had to do this when my mother died a little more than a year ago. What was amazing to me was how little groceries cost back in 1976. I think the 3 of us ate on about $25 a week!

  11. CW, that’s how it starts. The next thing you know, ten years have gone by!

    Kat, I am shocked by a lot of the prices. Some things have gone up so much! OTOH, we used to pay a lot more to rent videos. Go figure. Thanks for stopping by!

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