Beware of College, Post #1

College and university staff sometimes lies to parents in order to push a certain social agenda.

The mother of a Stanford University student is dismayed to learn that her child is living in a “gender neutral” dorm, which means co-ed within the room (i.e. sleeping in the same room as members of the opposite sex).  

To make matters worse, university administration not only neglected to inform parents of this possibility in the residential hall info given to parents, but later lied and said it was only going on in four dorms when it was really going on in other dorms, including the dorm this woman’s daughter lives in.

This mom has met with the university’s president but has not found a resolution to this problem. Learn what she did find out (to her dismay) by reading her story.

How could she have avoided this problem? She did thoroughly investigate the university’s residential policies ahead of time, but could not have known that they were misrepresented. Perhaps the only way to really avoid this type of problem would be to avoid secular colleges and find a committed Christian university instead.

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Colleges and universities are more than willing to take your money in order to prepare your child for a career in which he probably won’t be able to find a job.

7 thoughts on “Beware of College, Post #1

  1. I’m starting to be very concerned that our society is going to be completely gender neuteral in a few generations from now. I don’t know how long it would take, but it seems immenent. I believe if that is the path we choose as a country, we are going the way of Rome and will have the same results. I’m going straight to my closet to put on a dress. And my kids are doing college from home.

  2. Barb,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. This story about the college saddens and scares me. My daughter graduates high school next year, and while she is planning to take a year off, I worry about what will happen if she ends up in this situation.

    I get in trouble with her, because she says I don’t trust her. I trust her implicitly….it’s everyone else I worry about. But I taught her right from wrong, and I have to let her use those tools.

    This world is becoming a very scary place…or is it just that it was always scary, and I never saw it until I had kids lol.

  3. This is why I support children attending a local community college, and/or also commuting to a nearby four year college. Or better yet, online college! My kids did a combo of community and online and it worked out well. But everyone is different in what they are called to do, whether it means attending college or not. This is where divine wisdom is really needed.

  4. I think I’m going to start my OWN university! AAAAHHHH!!!! Lying to the parents? Wow.

  5. Sandy, it’ll be nice if your kids do college from home, but sooner or later they’ve got to be out in the world. I think we need prayer more than anything else!

    Stephanie, our view of the world definitely changes once we have kids 🙂

    Karen, we’ve had two use the community colleges, and while they weren’t bad experiences, I was glad the kids lived at home during that time!

    Janet, I think we have to assume that no one is on the side of the parents until they prove it.

    Iva, I hear you. I still remember visiting my son at a well-known Christian college and being shocked to see that the current school play being promoted was “The V. Monologues.” He didn’t like the school for many reasons and transferred after a year.

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