Frugality 101

Breakfast under the Big Birch by Carl Larsson
Breakfast under the Big Birch

I don’t usually post on Sundays but had to share this article about how families can save money. A couple of the tips are specific to the Chicago suburbs, but most are not, and you’ll find some good info there.

Here’s my favorite part:

Do things your mom used to do. Remember how your mom and her friends sat around the kitchen table drinking coffee, rather than meeting out at a local coffee shop? Or how you’d be forced to bring your lunch to the ballgame or museums? That’s probably why your parents have money in the bank now. One mom suggested buying a bag of Starbucks coffee for $8 and then brewing enough for everyone.

Some of my fondest memories are of sitting around a kitchen table having coffee: with my grandma when I was a kid (yep, Swedes let the kids drink coffee with lots of milk in it), or with the other playgroup moms when I had little ones and we met weekly at each other’s homes. Who says you need money to have fun?

2 thoughts on “Frugality 101

  1. I’ve been reading in more and more blogs where women are coming to the conclusion that these ‘bad’ times aren’t so bad. Frugality isn’t such a bad thing.

    Great article, Barbara. My kids love coffee milk. It’s a tradition passed down from my mom.

  2. Iva, I’m glad you’re seeing that. I think people fear the unknown, and for anyone born in the last 30-35 years, hard times were pretty much the unknown up until now, don’t you think?

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