Fasten Your Seat Belts……

Close-Up of Tops of School Buses in a Parking Lot, Brooklyn, New York by Todd Gipstein
Close-Up of Tops of School Buses in a Parking Lot, Brooklyn, New York


So here we are. The last weeks of summer already! The months sped past, and now there’s a chill in the air, it gets darker a little earlier in the evening, and there are other signs that fall is on the way.

With it comes a new school year for the neighbors as well as for us. Soon you’ll watch the neighbor kids line up for the school bus while your kids are still in their pj’s, and maybe still in bed. Will you think, “We are so lucky to have this freedom.”? Or will you think, “Oh dear God, help me, I’m not sure I can do this after all!”

I don’t mean to put pressure on you, but I have to be honest: your attitude is going to be a major factor in the success of homeschooling in your family. How you look at this venture speaks volumes to your children.

Imagine you’re seated on a jetliner getting ready to take off across the ocean to Hawaii. You hear the captain calmly announce that the jet is ready to take off. As he makes his routine pre-flight announcements in a practiced, serious, authoritarian voice, you feel as though you’re in good hands.

Now, imagine instead that his announcements begin with him nervously stammering, his preflight speech sprinkled with um’s, er’s and ahem’s. How secure do you feel?

Nothing has changed; after all, you’re still on the ground. But the captain’s attitude can be cause for feeling secure or cause for alarm. How you feel is directly linked to his attitude.

It’s the same way with your kids. They see their friends going to school. Strangers ask them where they go to school. They hear about this school place and all they know is that they don’t go there. How you behave will make them either feel secure about not going to school, or make them worry that there’s cause for alarm.

Does your attitude need work? Are you scared or worried? Have others, parents or friends, made you feel insecure about homeschooling your kids? Better get your act together! You don’t want to doom this school year before it’s even begun.

Think about why you’re doing this. Think of all the things your kids have already learned while in your care: each screaming little newborn bundle of needs has become a walking, talking, bright happy child. You’ve already shown that you have what it takes to raise and teach each of your children. God has given you the responsibility of doing this, and He has equipped you for it.

So turn away from watching the big yellow bus pull up to the line of neighbor kids, face your own kids, and in a practiced, serious, authoritarian voice, say: “Everybody get dressed! We’ve got work to do!” And then set about making another year of learning and memories.

8 thoughts on “Fasten Your Seat Belts……

  1. I have, in the past, watched the kids go on the school bus and thought, “Wow. My life would be so much easier if the kids went to school. I would have so much more TIME!” But then I think of all the worry I would have with the kids in school. All of the hassles that school brings. And I think of the joy of teaching them and truly knowing them as people. And I remember that I love it. And I’m happy. 🙂

  2. Great points, Barb! I think this is one key to a successful home school. This is true, too, for many things in life. I am not crazy about cleaning the bathroom, but the more I chafe and complain, the worse the task seems. Guess it ties in with self control as well.
    I’m with you, the learning and memories are the important things. They’ll be grown and gone soon enough.

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  4. Oh, I needed to read that! I’m still not sure how we’re going to manage this year, but the Lord is, and that’s all that counts. 🙂

    Thank you so much.

    Annie Kate

  5. Wow-it’s like you knew what I would be thinking?! As I lay there in bed at 6:30am last week, I could hear the roar of the buses passing by-and my kiddos were in bed?! I was relieved I wouldn’t have to do the morning “rush them out the door” ritual by 7am, yet I was thinking “what am I doing??!” They have a place for them-it would be so “normal” and I could do what I always do when they are at school. But, then I realized I was doing the right thing when they awoke with great anticipation for their first day of school…at home! This is our first year homeschooling our two boys-one in second grade and one in Kindergarten. This is my second week and so far, we are doing well-some days better than others, but how awesome to have such a blog and site as a resource! Thank you Barbara!

  6. Thus far, we homeschool whenever we can and take breaks as needed… so we’ve been “doing school” all summer. It was strange to realize that some of my eldest DD’s cohorts have been locked in the brick buildings… but, for the most part, our schedule is pretty much the same. I’m glad!

    I wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog as I’ve been focusing on the political issues I’m learning about and GREATLY alarmed by. I appreciate your supportive comments. I especially appreciated the comment you made to Heidi a while back. I’ve known her since I was 12 and for the last few years she has just NOT been positive in conversation or anything else regarding homeschooling. My Mom has suggested that maybe she feels guilty for putting her kids in school (especially as she sees my DDs succeed so wonderfully). I don’t know what the reason, I just know it’s been really frustrating and even hurtful… It really felt like you were kind of sticking up for me (with the comment about the camel’s nose) and I REALLY appreciate(d) it! THANK YOU.

    Also, I wanted to tell you I’m glad you’ve been able to complete your move. I know those posts are after this one, but I’m reading backwards… trying to get caught up on my favorite blogs. My sisters are the only ones I read before yours! ^_^

    Thank you for writing here and reading my efforts!

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