Exercises in Frugality, Part 5

Homemade Baking Mix

I was raised on Bisquick baking mix. My mom was sick a lot, so when my dad came home and found four hungry little kids waiting for dinner, he’d whip up a batch of pancakes made from Bisquick.

I never knew you could use Bisquick for anything besides pancakes until I was married and started cooking every night. That’s when I learned that you can make dumplings, and Impossible Pies, and all sorts of good things. I even sent away for a Bisquick cookbook that I still use today.

But at some point along the way, I learned that General Mills, maker of Bisquick, donated money to Planned Parenthood (you know, #1 provider of abortions in this country), so I stopped buying Bisquick (or anything else from General Mills). Instead, I learned to make my own baking mix.

I don’t know if General Mills still supports Planned Parenthood, but I do know that homemade baking mix is cheaper than Bisquick and works just as well. I make baking mix in my food processor, but you can use a pastry blender in a bowl to do the same thing. A food processor does make it less lumpy, though.

Here’s the recipe I use for baking mix:

10 cups flour
1 T. salt
1/3 cup baking powder
2 cups shortening

Blend together dry ingredients; cut in shortening until it looks like flour. Store in a tightly closed container. Keep in refrigerator during the summer.

My food processor isn’t big enough to do the recipe all at once, so I make half at a time and dump it all in a big plastic container:

5 cups flour
1 ½ t. salt
2 ¾ T. baking powder
1 cup shortening

(BTW, I use Aldi flour and shortening; definitely less expensive than store brands.) I use this mix for oven-fried chicken, adding spices to it and shaking it with the chicken pieces in a plastic bag.

The other night I made dumplings to go with stewed chicken. How easy is this?


3 cups baking mix
2 t. dried parsley
1 cup milk

Mix together until soft dough forms. Drop dough into boiling stew, on top of meat and veggies. Cook on low 10 minutes uncovered, then 10 more minutes covered.

4 thoughts on “Exercises in Frugality, Part 5

  1. I do the same. I’m not sure if the ingredinets are the same but it does turn out nice. I’ll have to see if the library has that cookbook.

    How does one find out about such things? I just found out that our Walmart in town is owned by Muslims.

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  3. I never buy baking mix, but we are big consumers of Cheerios in our home (I tried the store brand version but didn’t care for it). So I was concerned when I read what you said about them supporting Planned Parenthood. Fortunately, the company has since stopped its donations as a result of consumer boycotts. So if you ever want to buy a General Mills product, you can be reassured it won’t go towards supporting Planned Parenthood. 🙂

  4. BarbaraLee, are you sure about that? I thought all WM’s were corporate-owned.

    CW, thanks for the update on General Mills. 🙂

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