An Ordinary Girl

The last day of 2009…, where did the year go?

When 2009 began, I had no idea that we’d be living where we are right now.  We knew we’d probably be moving in August, but didn’t know where. And right up until the week we moved, nothing was definite. In my youth, I wouldn’t have been able to take such uncertainty. But God’s grace does what we can’t do.

How about you? Was it a good year for you? Or are you eagerly awaiting 2010, hoping things will improve?

I look forward to 2010. We have some big plans for Cardamom Publishers, starting with a great sale (stay tuned) to celebrate the beginning of a new year. God willing, we’ll also publish a few new titles for homeschoolers in 2010 (again, stay tuned!) And of course we’ll keep plugging away at homeschooling our youngest son (yes, both Mom and Dad are homeschooling now!)

In the meantime, I want to share with you a lovely story about a self-described “ordinary girl” who has lived 102 years, so far. I especially appreciate how she begins each day:

“Each day I get up in the morning and say Lord, tell me what you want me to do and whatever comes to me, I do.”

An amazing story of a Christian woman, and in the Chicago Tribune, of all places. Enjoy!

P.S. Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “An Ordinary Girl

  1. What an inspiring story!

    I think I’ll start asking God that in the morning…and pray that I have the courage to do what He sets before me.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing an extraordinary story. I’m going to read it to my children. I was just pondering over the year and decided the question to be, “Have I made a difference?” and for 2010, “How can I make a difference?”
    Blessings to you,

  3. This year has been an interesting one with ups and downs and everything in between. Looking forward to 2010 to see what the Lord has, and to new projects too. Thanks for the link; will check it out now. Blessings and Happy New Year to you and your family Barbara, and to all your readers! 🙂

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