One Thing We Don’t Have to Worry About

Today’s big news story is making headlines all around the world: shocking video exists of a teacher at a charter school in Texas slapping, kicking and dragging one of her students while other students watch.

I won’t watch the video; I doubt that I could stomach it. But one thing I know for sure: when you homeschool your kids, you never have to worry that a schoolteacher could do this to your child.

7 thoughts on “One Thing We Don’t Have to Worry About

  1. I’m not watching it. Those kinds of things make me too upset. But you’re right. SO thankful I don’t have to worry about this. I hope the teacher was fired promptly.

  2. Yes, Janet, she was fired. Sure hope she doesn’t find another teaching job anywhere.

  3. I watched the video, viewable from within an article about this incident. It was truly shocking. The teacher just lost it. It was assault and battery, pure and simple. None of the news coverage mentioned that the teacher had been arrested and charged. Why was she allowed to remain loose on her own recognizance? Why did the other teachers who witnessed this not protest and stop her? They could have intervened.

    The article did mention that this charter school is a sort of last-chance-before-juvenile-hall type school for the hardened dropout/delinquent/offender. So no doubt there were extenuating circumstances. Nevertheless, there’s not way this isn’t assault and battery. The child was not threatening the teacher or appearing to be disruptive. The teacher just charged at the child as he cowered behind his desk. She yanked his desk away and threw it aside and just beat on him. The poor child just went into a fetal position and tried to fend off the blows.

    Definitely a reason to homeschool through high school.

  4. Sandy, thank you for that response. I’m in complete agreement with you. I just couldn’t make myself watch the video, but I recall from the article that it was just as you described.

    Some people, like this woman, should not be allowed to work with children. They can’t handle it. Most teachers aren’t like this, but how do we know our children won’t get the psycho teacher? Keep ’em home and you don’t have to to worry about it.

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