Seems Obvious, Right?

A school district in Georgia that was having financial difficulties decided to cut the school week to four days in order to save money. The result, according to the school superintendent?

Test scores went up.

So did attendance — for both students and teachers. The district is spending one-third of what it once did on substitute teachers, Clark said.

And the graduation rate likely will be more than 80 percent for the first time in years, Clark said.

Hmmm….if doing less of something results in more success, why not get rid of it all together and see what happens?  🙂

5 thoughts on “Seems Obvious, Right?

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  2. I read this in our local paper and thought the exact same thing! Less is more, folks! Less is more!

    Peace and Laughter!

  3. Seems like this story ends up in the papers frequently- or some variation thereof. Too bad the politicians aren’t reading the papers! Thanks for a good post.

  4. Karen, we knew we were on the right track 😉

    Cristina, I like that….less is more!

    AF Wife99, thanks for stopping by. It does seem like we’re hearing more of this type of story, doesn’t it?

    Thanks, all, for your comments 🙂

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