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Our new book, Shovelhorns and Black Bruin, is selling like hotcakes! I think more and more parents are realizing that the classic books are the best; these novels by Clarence Hawkes (circa 1908-9) are definitely classics. With two classic novels in one book, it’s also a great deal.

To celebrate, we’re giving away a hot-off-the-press copy to a lucky winner, and it could be you! Just leave a comment here answering this question:

How do your children benefit from reading classic books?

By commenting, you’ll be automatically entered in the drawing for this giveaway. Deadline for entries is midnight, August 19, 2010. Don’t miss out: comment now!

8-20-10 Please note: contest is now closed.

96 thoughts on “Giveaway! Shovelhorns and Black Bruin

  1. I Love to take my 5 kids back to the “Olden Days”..LOL..
    They are just engrossed in these type of books…I enjoy watching and listening my older ones read these books to our younger children and the questions that arise..We believe they would also benefit from this book..Thank you for the opportunity..

  2. I am just beginning to homeschool and haven’t read any classical books to them yet, but I’m sure all of us would enjoy them.

  3. I’ve seen many benefits from my children reading the classics. Some of them but not all of them include: increased vocabulary, being more aware of people’s character traits, moral decision making, wholesome values and pure fun! It seems to me good books are at a premium these days and especially for boys. These two sound that you’re giving away sound like they meet my standards and we’d love to have copies of them!

  4. These books look wonderful. I have read some of the classics to my children, including the Narnia series and Little House books. Our reading sessions are usually followed by “Just one more chapter..please, Mom?” There is something about classical literature that draws children in. What a shame that the public schools have abandoned most of the classics. Thanks, Barbara, for this chance to win.
    God bless your day!

  5. We love the classics. Even though my kids are older (jr. hi and sr. hi.) we still read the classics together!

  6. My children benefit from classic books by the rich language, extensive vocabulary, timeless truths, oftentimes historical context, and honorable values present in them. My children love animal stories, and these look great! I hope to win!!

  7. My children love to see the world through eyes of adventure. The fancy new ones aren’t necessary, my 15 year old reads every old book I can find her and loves them. This would be a blessing to my kids for sure. THanks for the contest. Old literature is often the best literature. Great stories without fluff

  8. I like to search for the older books, classics usually at the library. They have the old cloth jacket and are hardbound. The children benefit by the language used, many times having us to look up the words in the dictionary. The books are full of intrigue and do not have offensive language. The parents and adults are respected. They are enjoyable books to read and are wholsome with ususally a lesson in life to learn.

  9. My children have a love for great stories which I know is a result of the classic literature we read & listen to on audio books & radio theatre. Their vocabularies are astounding – I will hear a “Poohism” or something from a George MacDonald story – a “Curdy” and delight that these stories are treasures in their hearts.

  10. We have been listening to classic books as we travel back and forth for various lessons. Because we live in an isolated area, we drive at least 90 miles a day for lessons, like swim, dance and guitar. These stories have turned this time into an adventure that we look forward to every day. We have spent time floating the river with Huck Finn and experienced an icy Canadian winter as the call of the wild beckoned us. Books have transformed our little car on a Texas highway to a dogsled, a river raft and a covered wagon.
    During this time we have improved our listening skills, we are having great discussions and have learned marvelous things about geography and history… all from listening to a few classic books. I am most grateful for the bond being forged between my eleven year old son and I. At an age where it is becoming increasingly difficult to relate to his mother, we have all sorts of things to talk about, agree on and laugh over. Classic literature is a welcome addition to our family life any day!

  11. Our family loves classic books to read aloud. Much richer substance than most “modern” books being written today.

  12. Benefits of good role models, good overcoming evil, proper respect for others. Sound writing- not fluff.

  13. Classic books always seem to exemplify and illustrate noble characteristics — patience, honesty, hard work, kindness, perseverance. In this day and time, our children (as well as parents!) need to see all the examples we can of those good character qualities!

  14. My boys and I are richly blessed when hearing the classics. They learn valuable truths and character lessons through these pure stories!!! We would be immensely thankful and blessed to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

  15. The classics are classic for a reason. It seems they joint everybody together. I am really thankful for good books, good words. They help us grow well.
    Thank you

  16. I downloaded the sample and read aloud yesterday to our 12 year old daughter the story of Black Bruin. We were both on the edge of our seats wondering what is happening next to that poor, sweet baby. Outstanding writing, so glad to have another older book available for purchase. Thank you Barbara [I love your Imperfect Homeschoolers… book, and have purchased many copies to give to friends for encouragement!] Blessings, Barbara

  17. I was so excited to get your e-mail about this book! I was just talking to a friend at church about her son who was having difficulty finding “good” books and I immediately forwarded it on to her. My boys 6 and 3 would find this interesting in a year or two so hoping I win and can have something for them to look forward to.

  18. In the classic stories, good and evil are clearly defined. My children will grow and benefit from reading classics because they can have exposure to role models. These books are often great character studies.

  19. I think classic literature is well written and sounds wonderful when read aloud. It doesn’t dumb down the facts or the language, it’s not afraid to use big words!

  20. My children love to be read to. I’m always on the lookout for excellent reading material. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win this.

  21. Hi Barbara!

    You KNOW my children and I would just LOVE and be thrilled to have these books! You are a major blessing and whoever wins, wow–I’ll be thrilled, even and especially if it’s me!

    Love and {{{{Hugs}}}}}

    Tammy :o)

  22. We have historically used classic books for our older two children and, now that we’ve adopted and are starting parenting all over again, we’ll continue the adventure. My just-graduated daughter would tell you that the best thing she learned from classics is a wonderful vocabulary. My next-in-line-to-graduate son would tell you he got his love of reading from our read-aloud times, using classics. Being a bit of a fidgety child, he also learned to listen for details while his imagination was engaged in books with no or few pictures. I wouldn’t trade our family read-aloud times for anything. Those are some of our favorite homeschooling memories. :o)
    debbie in Texas

  23. My children benefit from reading the classics, “true classic”, because they are usually well written and have good character. We try to expose our children to good upstanding people and books. We want them to love and enjoy their reading experiences. My husband and I are “readers” and we are truly raising a new generation of readers…. they love books!

  24. I have a hunting and archery mad son who would love these books!We all enjoy the fruits of hunting and live on venison all year!
    For boys who are not great readers I would recommend getting the books on tape- and listening to them in the car or all together!

  25. Classic books are excellent for increasing vocabulary skills from exposure to language that is not always used frequently in our everyday lives. I also love moral and character development that can be found in older literature selections.

  26. I think that the classic take them back to where boys are boys and girls are girls. The morals and values are better and God has a place in many of the character’s lives. They also transcend all ages.

  27. Reading is such a great way to enhance the imagination of children and explore other ways of living. Classic stories are also a great way to relax in todays world.

  28. “How do your children benefit from reading classic books?”

    We love reading the classics, we see the benefits of looks at the lifestyles “then” and “now”.
    The classics show how life show be, simple and basic, yet harsh and valuing life as it comes.

  29. My children benefit from reading classic books in so many ways – the wholesome stories, rich language, old-fashioned morals and values. The books reinforce what we are trying to teach at home. They have also helped my children desire to read as the stories are so good!

  30. I am going to begin using classics to teach my kids this year. After trying several ways to school and many adjustments I have decided this is the best way to go to not only teach my kids brains but their hearts as well.

  31. Classics give us a chance to see how it was to livew back in those days. Also amnd to see how may have God played a more important role in people’s lives.

  32. Oh how I love the classics. I have my grandson here today and it would give me great pleasure to read this to him. I also homeschool my two youngest children. What a lovely giveaway~

  33. Classic books feed my sons’ imaginations with great stories that have expanded their vocabularies. Truly enjoyable. Thanks for hosting the give-away.


  34. My children benefit from reading classic books because they are rich in meaning and vocabulary. Generally, they are not dumbed down and are enjoyable.

  35. this is one of my favorite things about homeschooling. All the rich classic literature. My children’s vocabilary is so extensive. None of their public school peers understand half the words they say : )

  36. We have always read classic books to our children. These gems are filled with such well-written, vocabulary rich, riveting stories. They present values and morals that are missing in modern books. The kids always ask for “one more chapter.” Nothing replaces the vivid pictures your imagination can paint with a great book!

  37. I love reading to my boys. They all have developed a love for learning through reading good books together. I could always count on a classic novel to deliver a story that engages them and increases their understanding of history, cultures, and expands their vocabulary.

  38. I have a two boys 12 & 6. The oldest has Aspergers & the youngest is VERY strongwilled. As a separated (not yet divorced) mom I often feel alone trying to teach them to be boys of honor & integrity in a world that seems to be lacking in that. Anything that will help me teach them good things in an engaging way is good. And with finances tight…free is real good!

  39. The classics are wonderful for many reasons. The are full of great character traits and vocabulary. My kids love them!

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