For the Distractible Writer

My Neo is a little word processor that I love. Both my daughter and I use it when we want to write without the distraction of the Internet, or anything else for that matter.

The Neo is a small, sturdy little keyboard that can go anywhere. It runs for ages on three AA batteries. It was built for the classroom, so it’s tough.

The only thing it does is let you write. No formatting, no bolding, no italicizing, no change of font: nothing to distract you from the task at hand. If you turn it off (or let it shut off after a few minutes of non-use), it saves whatever you’ve written. When you’re ready to edit, post or print, you just send the file to your computer with a cable, or a point-and-shoot infrared device you can add on for a small fee.

Even if you’re not a writer (not even a blogger), you’ll find this useful for your kids. They can learn to type on it and write their school assignments on it, freeing up the family computer for surfing and other purposes.

I paid around $225 for this gadget several years ago and thought it was worth it. Now it’s come down to $169. Such a deal!

5 thoughts on “For the Distractible Writer

  1. I’ve seen these advertised Barb and didn’t think much of them. You make it sound like I need to go out and purchase one right now. Maybe that’s because, now, I know how distracted I can get from the Internet.

  2. Exactly, Carol… also helps keep the writer from correcting things as they write. You learn to just pour it all out and clean it up later 🙂

  3. Barbara, thank you for posting this. I had to look around for a used one ($$$!) and just ordered one. I am very excited about it!

    As my kids are getting older and needing to use the computer more, we find we’re fighting over it. And as they want to do NaNoWriMo this year (and want me to join them), we need help! This may do the trick. If we like it, we may buy more. I can’t afford a laptop for everyone, but we could afford one of these!

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