Taking Carschooling to the Extreme

Imagine traveling in your vintage 1928 auto all over the world. Imagine having four kids (born in four different countries) during the course of your travels. Imagine homeschooling them while you travel.

Impossible? No: the Zapp family has done so for the past 11 years, living out of their car or staying with strangers most of the time. They homeschool their children using curriculum from an online school, but their children’s real education comes from meeting people and seeing the sights in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, and most recently, the Far East.

They tried settling down in Mrs. Zapp’s homeland of Argentina, but only lasted a few weeks before they gave in to the urge to be back on the road again.

Check out this article ; there are some great photos and a map that vividly illustrates just how far this young family with wanderlust has traveled.

4 thoughts on “Taking Carschooling to the Extreme

  1. This is a fascinating story…very inspiring. Leave it to homeschoolers to go against the current. Good for them! Thanks for posting, Barbara.

  2. You’re welcome, Laura. I found it fascinating, too. Wish I’d been that daring when I was young 🙂

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