Current Events

Just saw the latest edition of Home Educator’s Family Times, which has gone digital. One of my articles is on page 24: check it out!

Also, having survived several failed closings on a house that turned out to have a bad well, we are now buying a different house and will be moving shortly. During the transition, I probably won’t have time to blog. But moving isn’t the only big change I have coming up, so stay tuned for updates. And enjoy your summer!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Current Events

  1. Congrats on an excellent article!

    Praying you a smooth move and quick return to the blogging world. I’ll miss you!

  2. I read on a past blog that you were a LCMS homeschooler. It is not often I bump into one! CPH has updated their site and taken off the click that leads to “ideas” for homeschoolers. Have you found any other LCMS products to be helpful in your homeschooling?

    Glad I found your blog and blessings on your upcoming move!

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