Homeschooling and Weight Loss…or Not

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but I’ve lost almost 30 pounds since I stopped homeschooling.

At the time (last June 9, to be specific), I was reacting to a book I had just read called Why We Get Fat. It made so much sense that I decided to give the author’s recommendations a try, if only for a few days. It was easy enough to stick to that I just kept at it all summer as we packed and moved, and all fall as we unpacked and then pitched many of our belongings while keeping and placing only our most needed and wanted possessions. (See “The Downsizing Chronicles.”)

I feel great, which is a good incentive to stick to the plan, as was my recent reading of another book, Wheat Belly, which helped me understand why I feel so good now. But I can’t help wondering if my efforts were helped along by the fact that for the first time in many, many years I have the time to concentrate on an eating plan instead of being too busy with homeschooling to think about it beyond a few minutes of good intentions. Again, maybe it’s pure coincidence, but I have to wonder.

The bonus for me is that I was becoming increasingly incapacitated by lower back pain when I stood or walked. It had been a problem for about ten years. And now it’s completely gone! Where before I had to sit down after walking for five minutes, I can now walk as long and as far as I want. I keep expecting the pain to strike but it never shows up, thank God.

If you’ve struggled with your weight, I think you’ll find these books to be very helpful:

And if you feel like you’re too busy homeschooling to try losing weight, now you know that there’s always hope that you’ll lose weight once you have more time to yourself  🙂

6 thoughts on “Homeschooling and Weight Loss…or Not

  1. My mother lost the most weight–and kept it off–after the three of us left the nest, so I’m going to go one simpler and say that children make you fat. 🙂

    I’ve just been trying to ramp up my exercising this year, since that did help a bit last year. And yes, wheat. I should stay away from it, or at least limit it more, but it’s just so darn tasty!

    Peace and Laughter!

  2. Congratulations! It seems that at our age it is so hard to lose weight!

    We’re still homeschooling so I’m hoping weight loss will be something to look forward to!

  3. Congrats on the weight-loss and feeling better! If I’m not mistaken, statistically speaking, people who lose weight and keep it off are more likely to be retirees, empty nesters, childless, etc. I think you are onto something here.

  4. Thanks, Rebecca. I didn’t realize there were statistics showing this but it all makes sense now……I do know I bake far fewer cookies than I used to when all four kids lived at home!

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