Wanted: Homeschool Reviewers

It’s been a lovely week spent battling strep throat, but I’m back online for a few hours before I stumble back to my sickbed  :0

Right now I’m looking for a few homeschoolers who’d be interested in reviewing my new book, Stages of Homeschooling: Beginnings. Please email me at cardamompublishers at sbcglobal dot net by 2/14/12, and I’ll get you a review copy. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Wanted: Homeschool Reviewers

  1. Just finished the review copy. Excellent. Great wealth of information.

    I took my daughter out of school last Nov. I wish I would have read this then.

    Thank you very much for this.


  2. You’re welcome, Amy. Please let me know when/where you review it. Thanks!

    PS Congratulations on your decision to homeschool your daughter 🙂

  3. Hi! Do you still need people to review your book? I would be happy to if it is not too late! I have a blot, but am in the middle of changing the name & registering for a domain name. Once I get it all set up with domain name, feedburner, my copyright.com, etc., I would like to find a few good homeschool companies to become an affiliate of. Thanks! Sarah

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