Blast from the Past: Woodworking with Dad


Now that our son is not a little boy anymore, we’ve been getting him involved in useful projects that require him to work with his hands.

A few weeks before Christmas, my husband asked dsds15 if he’d like to make his gifts for family members in the workshop. Of course, he got a big yes, because what boy doesn’t like working with his dad?


The project my husband chose was a pencil holder (link includes plans) made of pine, a soft and pretty wood that’s easy to work with, which is especially important if you’re new to woodworking. The two of them spent several afternoons working on six pencil boxes, which turned out very well. The recipients were quite pleased, and our son was so proud!

In difficult economic times, working with your hands is quite the skill to have, making a person more self-sufficient as well as more useful on the job. I think we homeschoolers need to make sure our kids can work with their hands so they’re prepared for whatever our economic future holds.

(Originally posted 1/13/09. Our son is now in his 20s and still enjoys working with his dad in the shop. They even built a desk for his room together.)

11 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: Woodworking with Dad

  1. I am enjoying your blog. I’ve been peeking in on it for several weeks now. I just realized you’re in WI. I am in Arizona but am originally from WA state. My grandparents lived in Algoma, WI (Door County). I spent every summer there. I still have family in Milwaukee and Green Bay etc, Sturgeon Bay etc. Why am I boring you with this? LOL. No reason really, except it’s not often you find someone in blogland close to an area you know.

  2. We are doing another homemade Christmas this yr. again. I think everyone was plan for it if the subject was brought up. They all had ideas. It was great. We got a big yes right away.

    Ds2 is working in the shop w/dh. He wants to earn money for a PS3 or Wii. We talked about this today in school and how God gives us chances. He was saying that he was praying that God would give him work to earn money for his new toy.

  3. Thanks for answering me back. Yes, Algoma brings back many wonderful memories. I almost cried when I heard you had just visited there. They have a web cam that is pointed at the lighthouse and the lake. I peek at that frequently. It’s not the area where i used to play but very close to the stretch of beach where I spent many a summer. I also have toured thier website, the town has changed a lot since I was there a very long time ago. I’d love to go back and just see it all, but there is no one left to visit there. I do have distance family and contacts in sturgeon bay and the area. but they are distant family. Do you know anyone named Braem or Zirbel in that area? Zirbel is my maiden name. It’s a stretch I know.

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  5. Ted, if you click on the “pencil holder” link above, you’ll reach my husband’s blog, and you can ask him your questions 🙂

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