Sunny Days Quilt and Pillow

img_20160928_1600282_rewindI didn’t make the Sunny Days quilt for any specific purpose; I saw a jelly roll of this line by Benartex in my daily email from Missouri Quilt Co. and decided I had to have it. Flipping through my quilting books, I found a pattern for jelly rolls that seemed like a good fit.

img_20160928_1603074_rewindI backed the quilt with a lovely bright green fabric from my stash, which could probably be considered vintage since it’s at least 20 years old.

I ended up with two spare blocks, hence the pillow. Now that I have granddaughters, perhaps one of them will enjoy this quilt at some point 🙂

img_20160928_1600370_rewindThis quilt was pieced and free-motion quilted on my supermachine, which I am enjoying immensely, and highly recommend!

2 thoughts on “Sunny Days Quilt and Pillow

  1. Beautiful quilt! That’s one thing I wish I could do. I tried once. The results were OK for my first time. My mom hung it in her bathroom. Still not sure if it is there because she likes it or because she likes me. 🙂 Anyway, my seem ripper got way more use than the machine for that project!

  2. Clearly your mom sees that it was made with love 🙂

    My seam ripper still gets a lot of use after 40+ years of sewing. While there are times when sewing made me very frustrated, there are far more times when it brought me great pleasure, so I keep at it.

    BTW my newest grandbaby has already urped up on this quilt, and my toddler granddaughter napped with her head on this pillow just the other day, so I’m thrilled that this set is getting some use.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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