The Sentimental Person’s Guide to Decluttering

Cardamom Publishers announces the publication of Claire Middleton’s new decluttering handbook, The Sentimental Person’s Guide to Decluttering:

Conquer Your Clutter Without Losing Your Nostalgic Memories

How can you have the organized home of your dreams when you’re emotionally attached to almost all of your stuff?

In The Sentimental Person’s Guide to Decluttering, Claire Middleton offers a plan that you can work through, step by step, to turn your home into the welcoming, roomy haven you’ve always dreamed of, filled with charm, personality… and none of the mess you live with now.

In this book, Claire shares tips that will help you give up the bulk of your sentimental clutter while keeping your most precious treasures to use and display. Learn how to shrink your collections of nostalgic items like:

  • Your children’s baby clothes and toys
  • Mementos from your own youth
  • Clothes you’ve kept for decades
  • Heirlooms you inherited
  • Books you’ve kept for years
  • Holiday decorations
  • And everything else that brings back happy memories.

You don’t have to live with overflowing closets, an attic full of boxes and a basement packed with more of the same, just because it’s so hard for you to sort through and give up belongings linked to your past.

The truth is, you CAN finally free yourself of clutter while keeping your most treasured belongings. Read The Sentimental Person’s Guide to Decluttering now, and start on the path to conquering clutter without giving up happy memories.


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