V is for Vacations

ABCs of Homeschooling - Copy

V is for vacations. One of the many benefits of homeschooling is that it frees you from the school calendar and lets your family take vacations during the school year, when tourist havens are uncrowded and so are the beaches.

We often took vacations in May and September and spent the hot, muggy summer afternoons doing school in our air-conditioned house. It was a win-win situation. When we traveled, our kids loved when we drove past schools with children trapped in classrooms while they were free to have fun.

In May 2000, we watched a shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral in Florida and were tickled to see that many of the cars, vans and campers lining the road near where the spectators stood had bumper stickers proclaiming homeschool status. Let’s hear it for vacations any time of the year!

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U is for Understanding

ABCs of Homeschooling - Copy

U is for understanding. When a small child comes home from school cranky and upset, he may not be able to explain what happened to make him feel that way; his parents are left to wonder if the teacher forgot to tell them something (or if she even witnessed the event).

But the homeschooling parent knows the details of a child’s day because she was there. If the child got into a fight with a sibling or a friend, the parent was there and understands what happened and how to help the children apologize to each other and forgive each other. It sure beats being unable to understand why the child is upset and wondering what exactly happened.

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T is for Time

ABCs of Homeschooling - Copy

T is for time. Homeschooling gives you time with your kids: time you wouldn’t have if they went to school, and time you’ll never get back.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but I can verify that children are only young for a very short time. Now that my four are adults, I cherish the memories we made over our years of homeschooling.

No, it wasn’t all easy, and there were days when I never would have believed that we’d make it all the way through high school. But looking back, I’m so glad our family was a homeschooling family, because it gave us time to enjoy being together before everyone grew up and went off on their own paths as adults.

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S is for School Buses

ABCs of Homeschooling - Copy

S is for school buses. They’re one of the most common places for bullies to do their thing, and our children don’t have to deal with them. You can say the same thing for Schoolyards and Schoolrooms, where student bullies (and sometimes teacher-bullies) abound. The increasing number of children who are bullied in school will be affected by the experience for the rest of their lives. How fortunate our homeschooled children are that they don’t have to deal with school bullies!


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R is for Real Life

ABCs of Homeschooling - Copy

R is for real life. Real life isn’t spent in one room with 30 other people born within a year of your birth. Real life is:

  • spent in the real world, meeting people of all ages and getting to know them.
  • It’s spent with newborns as well as the elderly.
  • It’s spent actively learning about the world around you instead of learning about it from a textbook.
  • It’s spent making meals and cleaning house as well as learning to add up the cost of groceries or how to read a restaurant menu.

Homeschooled kids are blessed because, unlike their publicly schooled age-mates, they get to be out in the real world learning about real life.


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