Too Much Socialization

It looks like parents’ and teachers’ overemphasis on the socialization of children of recent years has finally borne some pretty ugly fruit. Yet another study has shown that there’s been a precipitous drop in teens’ happiness and mental health since 2012, and it’s being linked to the use of smartphones, and specifically social media.

This is no surprise. Yes, kids need time with their friends, whether in person or virtual, but they also need time without friends so that they can mentally regroup and enjoy downtime, even quiet time. This may be more crucial for introverts than extroverts, but all kids need time to be alone and to think. The smartphone has taken that away, and we’re just now seeing the cost. One has to wonder where it will all lead.

Quilt for a Summer Baby

Around here, we’re pretty excited because we have another grandchild on the way. The little one is due this summer. I stumbled onto this tutorial for a lightweight rag quilt without batting, and it seemed like the perfect choice for me to make for our new little grandson or granddaughter.

The back of the quilt doesn’t have the fringe; it’s just nice, soft and smooth:

I found the two flannel prints at Hobby Lobby. The quilt requires two yards of each print, so the gorgeous flannels I saw online for $10 a yard were going to be too expensive for me. Hobby Lobby’s lower prices and 40% off coupon on one print were just the ticket.

I highly recommend the tutorial at the website linked above. I appreciate Angie sharing her knowledge.

Homeschooling is Still Your Best Bet

It’s been seven years since I retired from homeschooling. I still believe it’s the best way to educate your children, but I thought I’d take a look around to see if government schooling has improved at all.

Hmmm, parents can’t opt out of textbooks filled with PC garbage. Check!

Future teachers are still the bottom of the barrel of college students. Check!

Some high schools are graduating anyone with a pulse, regardless of attendance, much less achievement. Check!

Yep, homeschooling is still the best way to educate your children. 🙂

Start Collecting Old Textbooks!

Traditionally, the state of California (with its enormous school system) is where most textbooks were promoted and sold first. California has used this power to affect what kind of information went into textbooks, and what did not.

Over the past 30 years, all sorts of sexually fixated groups have worked hard to make sure their special interests were reflected in modern textbooks, and some of them have had great success, to the point that today’s school children are being taught all about historical figures’ supposed sexual preferences, with little if any concern for whatever qualifies them to be historical figures in the first place.

According to Gilbert T. Sewall, director of the American Textbook Council,

What in the world is a television personality like Ellen DeGeneres doing in a first-grade social-studies textbook? If you ask, many educators will look at you funny. If you exclaim that these are little children, that lesbian is a complicated word for six-year-olds, or that age-inappropriate might be an understatement here, heads will shake. If you say that sexualizing historical figures like Emily Dickinson or Florence Nightingale marginalizes their achievements, they will think you are the problem to overcome…..Not just in California but nationwide, curriculum supervisors at all levels, by law or partiality, won’t consider volumes unless they align to multicultural premises. Old-style textbooks have been taken out of print. As a result, teachers and parents are finding it close to impossible to avoid lessons saturated in identity politics.

This issue affects homeschoolers, who need textbooks. Start snapping up old textbooks (the older, the better) while you can. I suspect they will hold their value as long as modern textbooks continue to be steeped in LGBTXYZism.