One More Reason to Avoid F-Book

I don’t like Facebook, or F-Book, as I call it. Aside from the many negatives that out-of-control social media use encourages, F-Book in particular is very biased. Case in point: this Christian homeschooling mom posted some Bible verses on her Facebook and found her account suspended.

I realize that F-Book allows you to reach more people than you could otherwise, but I just can’t abide anti-Christian or anti-conservative censorship. In fact, that’s why I left Twitter despite having over 3000 followers.

A Comforting Thought

From the February 1 entry in Corrie ten Boom’s devotional Each New Day.

When Jesus comes back to make a new earth, the material will be ready. The first world was also made from chaos.

That’s a thought I need to keep in mind, particularly at times when the world seems really crazy, like last week when all those women marched on Washington in their pink “pussy” hats, or worse, dressed like female genitalia :(

(Each New Day is a great devotional, by the way, perfect if you’re pressed for time since the devotions are brief and to-the-point. I wish I’d known about it back when I was homeschooling my four kids.)