Poppies Table Runner

IMG_20170124_132340_hdrOh, that Missouri Quilt Co. They know just how to tempt me by offering specials on all sorts of quilting goodness that I can’t resist.

Case in point: not long ago, they emailed me with a special on a charm pack from a line called Poppies by Rachel Shelburne. What’s not to like about this line? So cute!

In keeping with my plan to use a new-to-me pattern on each project, I decided a tumbler pattern would work well. Being too cheap to buy a tumbler template, I instead watched this video by the Gourmet Quilter.

And here it is, my new tumbler table runner:

IMG_20170124_132449_hdrFor the backing, I used a piece of fabric from my stash that I just love:

IMG_20170124_132518_hdrI’ve made quilts from two or three charm packs, but table runners seem perfectly suited when I have just one charm pack.

Long-Distance Grandma

IMG_20161230_090407Until last summer, when our third grandchild was born just a few miles from our home, I had only experienced being a long-distance grandma.

This has been a very hard thing for me, but I know I’m just one of many grandmas whose grandchildren live far away.

I’m very fortunate that my son and his wife Skype with us every weekend, so we get to see our sweet grandson and granddaughter and watch them grow up that way. Thank God for Skype!

The photo above was taken when the kids came up at New Year’s. I would not normally put their faces online, but thought it was OK since they’re disguised as PJ Masks characters (as is Grandma; I think I’m “Gekko”).

They are such adorable, bright children, and I love them dearly.

A Comforting Thought

From the February 1 entry in Corrie ten Boom’s devotional Each New Day.

When Jesus comes back to make a new earth, the material will be ready. The first world was also made from chaos.

That’s a thought I need to keep in mind, particularly at times when the world seems really crazy, like last week when all those women marched on Washington in their pink “pussy” hats, or worse, dressed like female genitalia :(

(Each New Day is a great devotional, by the way, perfect if you’re pressed for time since the devotions are brief and to-the-point. I wish I’d known about it back when I was homeschooling my four kids.)