They’re Indenturing Our Children….With A Bill They Haven’t Even Read


This is wrong on so many levels. The stimulus bill (or “Porkulus,” as it’s been more appropriately declared) was rushed through the House today because Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in a hurry to leave on a trip. At least that’s the excuse they’re giving. But the bottom line is that they’re handing out pork left and right and claiming it will help the economy. But how can they know this when they haven’t read the bill?

I’m proud to say that our former congressman, Illinois representative Don Manzullo, voted against this bill and the bailout bill that was passed in the fall. Rep. Manzullo was a homeschooling dad, btw (his kids are grown now). Wish we had a lot more like him in the House and Senate.  

This bill, btw, hands out money that the U.S. does not have. But we’re printing it as fast as we can. Meanwhile, our founding fathers spin in their graves.