B is for Balance

ABCs of Homeschooling - Copy

B is for balance. Homeschooling can take up every single day if you let it. Some curriculum products will literally fill your day from 9 to 5; if you sign your children up for every outside activity that interests them, you could end up with a schedule that will burn out you and your children simultaneously! Instead, strive for balance:

Balance teaching time with free-learning opportunities.

Balance inside time with outdoor time.

Balance math time with art time.

Balance time as a group with time alone with each child.

Balance is the key to long-term homeschooling.


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Labor Day Thoughts: Balancing Work and Family

I’ve written before that homeschooled kids tackle adult life with great gusto. At least that’s been my experience. My adult kids have eagerly embraced their schooling and/or work. In today’s world, that means lots of work hours and steady commitment to the job.

My son and his wife both have jobs that they love and in which they’re successful. Work takes up enough of their lives that they have to commit to spending time together. It doesn’t just happen. This is a lesson we all learn sooner or later, but they’re learning it right now; so far they appear to be keeping up with the balancing act.

But at some point they’re going to want children, and that’s when the balancing act becomes more complex. Men in particular feel the need to excel at their jobs in order to feed, clothe and shelter their growing families. But sometimes they can become so involved with their jobs that work takes priority over their families, and they can’t see it. Continue reading