Blog Comments on Hold

Dear Bloggy Friends/Commenters,

Our recent move put me way behind on responding to comments at this blog and making comments at yours.

Now that we’re back on an even keel again around here, I’d love to say that I’ll do a better job of keeping up with the blogosphere. However, I need to buckle down and finish a couple of books I’ve written.

So, while I’ll still peek in on you when I can, I’ve got to stop commenting and answering comments for a while. Know that I’m still thinking of you as I chain myself to this keyboard and get some actual work done.

I hope to keep posting here once a week or so, but working on the books will come first. God willing, my newsletter will still come out each month.

Missing you already,


PS Prayer requests automatically rise to the top of the list, so if you express that need at your blog, know that I’m praying for you  🙂