The Worst College Courses

I knew that there were some silly college courses out there that kids were paying enormous amounts of money to take, but it’s worse than I thought:

  • Arguing with Judge Judy
  • Football Culture
  • Pilot Brewery (brewmaster)
  • Queer Musicology
  • The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender, and Media

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. See the whole list (and the colleges responsible for this lunacy) HERE.

More Jobs Not Requiring College

My kids are grown and my grandkids are little, so college isn’t really an issue in our family right now. But for homeschoolers, it looms large, so I like to share news of what’s going on in terms of whether or not teens can or should go to college.

Lately I’m seeing more articles about companies no longer requiring new hires to have a college diploma, like this one and this one.

I see this as a good sign. I have nothing against going to college; in fact, my college experience was a great one. But I think that requiring every potential employee to have spent (probably borrowed) six figures to get that diploma is ridiculous, and I’m glad to see the landscape slowly changing.

College Advice from a Ph.D.

In Thriving in the 21st Century, I described how to assess whether or not your teen is “college material.” In this video, a man who holds a Ph.D. and has taught at several universities explains just how crucial it is that parents ask the right questions before sending their sons or daughters to college. This is well worth watching: