Entertaining Themselves

Being a homeschool mom means being on a schedule; there’s just no way around it. The many activities available to each of our children (music, sports, co-op, church, etc.) must be organized somehow, and we’re the ones responsible for that job.

It’s easy to stay in that groove during the summer. There may not be as many activities available as during the school year, but there’s certainly no shortage. Signing the kids up for summer activities can become something we do automatically. But that could be a mistake.

I’m old enough to remember a time when there were very few summer activities available to kids beyond swimming lessons at the community pool. What did kids do back then? We entertained ourselves!


We played games, we had races, we played Barbies, we played baseball.

We ran through the sprinkler, we drew on the sidewalk with chalk, we played hopscotch, we ran lemonade stands.

We rode our bikes, we read library books, we planted and weeded gardens, we played hide-and-seek.

We went to the park, we played on the front porch, we had Kool-Aid and cookies on the patio, and when it got dark, we played Ghost in the Graveyard on the corner under the streetlight.


And all the time we were doing those things, where were our moms? Not entertaining us, that’s where. They were used to having the day to themselves while we were in school, and they weren’t going to give that up. We were expected to be off playing while our moms were busy cooking, cleaning or watching soap operas. We weren’t very concerned about what our moms were doing, because we were having too much fun outside.

Kind of gets you thinking, doesn’t it?

Girl Scouts: An Inexpensive Alternative to Multiple Activities


First Girl Scout of America, Mrs. Samuel G. Laurence, Demonstrating Fire Starting Methods by Francis Miller
First Girl Scout of America, Mrs. Samuel G. Laurence, Demonstrating Fire Starting Methods

Unemployment is up and income is dropping; how do you keep your daughters in activities without spending a fortune these days? An article in our local newspaper makes the case for Girl Scouts.

It’s true that being in Girl Scouts is a lot cheaper than monthly dance lessons, sports, etc. It’s also a great way to give girls a chance to bond together while having fun and learning skills. I think the author of the article makes a good case for choose scouting over other activities.

Do note the comments at the end of the article. Commenter Anndee complains that God has been excluded from Girl Scouts. Unfortunately, the Girl Scout organization has changed a lot in recent years, and has become quite p.c.  However, commenter Owensmomma suggests a way around that.