Summer of Sewing

I took a break from quilting this summer in favor of a few sewing projects. I made matching dresses for my little granddaughters that they wore when we all got together in July:


I turned some old tops of mine that were made out of very good fabric into leggings (the dark pink ones are capris) for my youngest granddaughter, using the principle of repurposing that I learned from my gram so many years ago:


Then I made Baby Girl one more pair of leggings out of some fabric I bought at a fabric sale:


It’s so much fun to make little duds! I also made some other projects that I will share in future posts. Before long, I also hope to start another quilt 🙂

Toddlers and Tiaras….Ugh!

One of the best things about not having cable tv is that you miss out on appalling cultural trends like this one. I had no idea that people did this to their children, or that so many people would approve of it.

How can grown women not only sanction but encourage the sexualization of their little girls? This is warped. Creepy. Beyond the pale.

I feel so sorry for these little girls.

Girl Scouts: An Inexpensive Alternative to Multiple Activities


First Girl Scout of America, Mrs. Samuel G. Laurence, Demonstrating Fire Starting Methods by Francis Miller
First Girl Scout of America, Mrs. Samuel G. Laurence, Demonstrating Fire Starting Methods

Unemployment is up and income is dropping; how do you keep your daughters in activities without spending a fortune these days? An article in our local newspaper makes the case for Girl Scouts.

It’s true that being in Girl Scouts is a lot cheaper than monthly dance lessons, sports, etc. It’s also a great way to give girls a chance to bond together while having fun and learning skills. I think the author of the article makes a good case for choose scouting over other activities.

Do note the comments at the end of the article. Commenter Anndee complains that God has been excluded from Girl Scouts. Unfortunately, the Girl Scout organization has changed a lot in recent years, and has become quite p.c.  However, commenter Owensmomma suggests a way around that.

Harder to Raise: Girls or Boys?

Little Boy with Toy Machine Gun and Cake
Little Boy with Toy Machine Gun and Cake

I have a friend who has six children: two in their 30s, two in their 20s, a teen and a preteen. The eldest and youngest are girls, and she says those two girls were (and still are) harder to deal with than all four boys put together.

I’ve had a different experience. I have four children, two in their 20s and two teens, and they go like this: girl, boy, girl, boy. One girl and one boy are strong-willed, while the other girl and the other boy are more compliant, though not completely so. I always believed that the sex of the child doesn’t mean much in how easy they are to raise, that’s it’s more a matter of personalities, both the child’s and the parents’, and how they mesh (or don’t, as the case may be).

Here’s an article that compares boys and girls (which is good, because that means people are finally getting back to the common sense theory that the sexes are different!) and discusses which sex is harder to raise. What do you think? Are girls harder, or boys?