Still in Charge

I’ve been fascinated by the housing bubble for several years now. As a result, I’ve read many articles about people who used their home equity lines as credit cards, bought all sorts of goodies, trips, cruises, etc. and are now faced with foreclosure because their home values plummeted and they owe way more than their homes are worth. Reading all that stuff can make you feel pretty jaded.

And then I read this foreclosure story. A couple was making lots of money and had all the goodies. But their marriage was falling apart. Then she had a cancer scare and surgery. He had a heart attack. As a result, they burned through their savings. When the economy went south, they lost their house.

Where do you think they are now? You’ll have to read the story to find out. God’s hand is all over it. I’m pleasantly surprised that a secular newspaper published this story the way it’s written, because God gets credit for once. A good reminder that, in the midst of all this economic turmoil, He’s still in charge.