G is for Games

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G is for games. We may think of games as play, something children do outside of their education. But in reality, games are often educational and are certainly worthy of inclusion in your homeschooling plans. Whether you and your child play Math War with a deck of cards to learn math, Mancala to develop thinking skills or Rummy Roots to learn Latin, games are ideal educational tools. When you’re researching which books and curricula to buy this summer, be sure to include some games on your shopping list!

Have you seen our 1890s kindergarten curriculum, Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks with over 125 Illustrations? We reprinted it after adding the original 125 illustrations back in. Read a sample story here.

1890s Curriculum 1/2 Price Sale (Amazon Kindle eBook Version Only)

Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks, With Over 125 Illustrations (the eBook version) is on sale for just $4.99; that’s 1/2 off the regular price and $13 less than the print edition. Check out this limited time offer HERE.

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Homeschooling eBook Sale!

Did you get a new Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook for Christmas? If so, you should know that some of our eBooks are on sale until next week:

Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks with Over 125 Illustrations, the 1890s kindergarten curriculum, is now on sale for $5.99 (reg. $9.99) for Kindle and Nook.

Thriving in the 21st Century: Preparing Our Children for the New Economic Reality, my latest book, is on sale for $7.99 (reg. $9.99) for Kindle and Nook.

Please note that these sale prices are for the eBook version of these titles, not the print version. But…

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The Final Giveaway Winner Is….

….reader Linda D., whose entry was randomly drawn for a free copy of Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks With Over 125 Illustrations. Congratulations, Linda!

I want to thank everyone who entered all seven giveaway contests. I loved reading your responses! Makes me proud to be part of a fantastic group of people: homeschool moms  🙂

Giveaway #7: Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks With Over 125 Illustrations

This is it: the final giveaway! It sure has been fun giving away books, and it helped pass those last few gray weeks of winter 🙂

Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks With Over 125 Illustrations is our new old book. It’s an 1890 kindergarten story curriculum that we’ve republished, making it larger and easier to read, and adding illustrations to make it a great read-aloud curriculum for children.

This book started selling as soon as it was published: it’s been so exciting to see people’s response to it! Diane Lockman, new classical method columnist for Practical Homeschooling magazine, said on her blog:

Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks is sure to please your young homeschooler as you snuggle and read about animals, nature, fairy tales, fables, and even how old-timey household objects were made and chores were performed like how to churn butter…. Especially interesting to me are all the references to what we now call “homesteading” and the lost art of homemaking from scratch with whatever resources you have on hand at the time.  My mother-in-law would love this classic storybook, and I’m sure that she would stop every now and then and tell stories from her own childhood.  In fact, this would be a great gift to purchase for read aloud time at granny’s house.”

Here’s your chance to get this new book for free. Just leave a comment to this post answering this question: what’s the best thing about homeschooling with classic books?

Leave your comment here before midnight on Friday, April 23 to enter the drawing. Good luck!