More on Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks

Quite a few copies of Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks sold over the weekend (thank you, everyone!). We’re also so happy to be part of this week’s Classical Homeschooling Carnival.

Now we’ve added a free downloadable sample story from the book for those who’d like to “look inside.” Let us know what you think!

An 1890 Kindergarten Story Curriculum

Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks With Over 125 Illustrations

Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks With Over 125 Illustrations

Being homeschoolers, we love books: the older the book, the better. Buying old books is something we just can’t seem to stop doing.

Last summer, my husband and I were at a book sale up in Door County when we found the cutest book. It’s a kindergarten story curriculum published in 1890. The author, a teacher, organized it into a school-year’s worth (September to June) of stories and object lessons for young children.

Our youngest is 17, so we didn’t really need this book, but I just couldn’t resist it. We bought it, and both my husband and I read it. We were quite taken with the animal and nature stories, fairy tales, fables, and simple object lessons that explained how items in daily use at that time were manufactured. In fact, we agreed that it would be a great book for homeschooling parents except that the print is so small that it would be hard to read aloud. And that got us thinking……

What if we republished the book with a larger font and wider margins so it would be easier to read aloud? Then my husband said he thought he could find some nice illustrations, appropriate to the time period and even the specific stories. After all, kids today are very visual. They love storybooks with pictures! So he spent ages finding the coolest illustrations to go with the stories. Being the artist he is, he also came up with a beautiful cover. The whole process took several months.

And the result? We’re happy to announce that the book, Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks With Over 125 Illustrations, is now in print! It’s available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and pretty much everywhere you can buy books. It was just published, so it’s not in the homeschool catalogs yet, but we’re working on that. In the meantime, we just put it up on our site if you want to learn more.

I wish I’d had a book like this when I first started homeschooling…. I think it’s an ideal first curriculum for homeschooling parents and teachers of young children who enjoy and appreciate vintage texts.