Questions, I Get Questions…..

Every so often there’s a common thread in the questions I receive from homeschool moms.

That thread might be about getting teens to follow through on assignments, or how to handle friends and relatives opposed to homeschooling, or (in the most recent bunch) how to juggle homeschooling, homemaking and preschoolers without losing your mind.

Maybe the popularity of this latest topic stems from the fact that it’s February and everyone’s been cooped up indoors for months and they’re getting tired of it. But juggling the kids, the house and homeschooling can be stressful; how well I know that from my own experience.

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A New Homeschooler in the Family

For many years, we were the only homeschoolers in our neighborhood, our church and our family. We got used to being the oddballs. Even after homeschoolers began popping up in our town, we remained the only homeschoolers in our church (other than a brief period when Indiana Jane and her family attended there) and our family. Until now.

I have three sisters. Ironically enough, two work in the public school system. The third has been a radio personality in California for over 20 years. But last year, she lost her job when the station she worked at switched to Spanish-only programming. A single mom, she’d had her son in daycare during the day. But the daycare recently closed down because so many out-of-work parents had brought their kids home. So she’s decided to homeschool our 3-year-old nephew for a while.

I’m no fan of formally homeschooling a child before the age of five or six, but I understand why she wants to keep this very bright little guy challenged until she finds a job and puts him back into daycare.

She asked me for suggestions of online resources she can use with him. Here’s what I wrote back:

You’re homeschooling!  🙂

Read to him A LOT, do little fun crafts, play games like Chutes and Ladders so he picks up number concepts (not just identifying numbers) easily.  Keep it low-key, a little a day, very little desk work. Anything with music is a big plus.

Some cool sites with lots of free and fun stuff, like printables:

Animal cams:

Printable preschool games:

Can any of you (particularly those homeschooling young children) recommend any other sites for them? Thanks!